What Are Signs of End Stage Dementia?

If you are someone that has been diagnosed with end stage dementia it can be difficult to accept. The truth is that most people do not really understand what it is until it is too late. You may have no idea how it will affect you and how you will cope with it. This is the reason why it is so important to see a doctor when you think that you are developing problems that could lead to end stage dementia. Here are some signs of end stage dementia.

What are signs of end stage dementia

The first sign that you need to be aware of is memory loss. You may find that you are losing memory. This symptom can be very subtle or it can be very obvious. Some people may notice that they are forgetting things which they have just said hours ago. Others may suffer from severe forgetfulness.

Another symptom of end stage dementia is thought disorder. With this particular symptom you may start to have a lot of ideas that do not really make sense. Some things that you do may not make any sense either. You may be trying to tell someone something but they are not quite listening or they are cutting you off in the conversation. This problem is known as thought disorder. It can also lead to a lot of confusing and a lack of focus.

Moodiness is another one of the signs of end stage dementia. The main reason why you would expect to have mood changes in this stage is due to the changes in your thinking. You have more ways that you look at things. You begin to question things which should never have questioned. Your mind wanders and you don’t always know where you are going or what you are doing.

Another sign of end stage dementia is depression. A lot of people do not realize that when they are suffering from this they are going to go through a huge change in their overall personality. Instead of being happy and laughing it becomes sad, depressed and finally even thoughts of suicide become possible. This is because you are losing the ability to think correctly and find the proper solution to problems.

When looking for signs of it you need to pay very close attention to the changes that are occurring within you. If you have any kind of change that disturbs you at all, then you definitely need to seek out some kind of medical advice. When you don’t get the medical attention that you need immediately it could have serious consequences. Signs of it can really be easy to miss if you are not aware of what is going on with you. There are some common signs that you will want to look for that can be used to help identify if you are dealing with end stage of it.

One of the most obvious signs is that you will begin to forget things. You will find yourself unable to remember even the most simple things that other people seem to be able to remember easily. This becomes especially problematic if you are working. It can become incredibly difficult for you to do your job properly if you find yourself forgetting almost everything that you need to do. While it is not the end of the world there is nothing that you can do to reverse this; it is something that you will need to take care of as soon as possible.

Another common sign of end stage dementia is that you will begin to suffer from memory loss. Even though this may not sound like something that you would expect to happen you will discover that this is a very real problem. You may find yourself forgetting your way to the bathroom or forgetting the name of someone that you know very well. As time goes on you will begin to lose the ability to think back to these things and this can be extremely dangerous.